About Rhonda

I am always seeing life through a camera.  I love to travel, meet people and I love to watch.  I am a people watcher, watching for interaction, body language, connection and light.

I love to start my day with a cup of coffee, I love to cook and to share a glass of wine with my hubby.  I am a wife, a mother and a mother-in-law.  I look forward to the day I am a grandmother, for now I have 2 grand puppies.


My work is me!  I believe in capturing real life and valuing those moments,   I believe that life isn’t perfect, it is perfectly imperfect. Life tells a story, the story of love, laughter, smiles connection.  It is real, it is raw.  I don’t want you to look at the camera I want you to connect with one another.  My clients often tell me I make it easy for them, often forgetting I was even there.  Some even go as far as saying it was fun!  This is what I want, I want you to have fun, be real, be you.  I am a Lifestyle Photographer.

If you would love natural photos of your family that show your family bond, emotion,  connection and fun.  If you want your story told in photos that is perfectly imperfect, I am the girl for you!  If you would like posed look at the camera and say cheese style photos, I am not the right person for you, but I will happily assist you in finding someone  wonderful to suit your needs.


I went through the majority of our children’s life without being in photos, mostly by choice.  I was overweight and never felt “pretty” enough.  There was always next year, which rolled into many years.  The funny thing is the few photos I do have of myself with our children I cherish, I have them printed and on display, am I happy with myself – no, does that matter –no.  When I look at the images now I don’t see an overweight mum who desperately wanted to look better, I see a Mum who loved her children with all her might and I see moments in time, that are now a wonderful memory.  I am thankful to have those few photos to look at, to hold onto and to remember.

My Dad passed away a little before my 15th birthday.  My Dad also disliked having his photo taken, therefore I hardly have any photos to look back on, you would think I would have learned from that.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but these things are now what drive me.  So for now I am going to call it MY WHY I want to change this for others!

I don’t want parents to get to the stage where their children are grown and leave home, look back and realise they have no photos of their complete family I mean the ones with both Mum and Dad in them.  Life is real, we put on a few extra kilos, our hair isn’t always perfect, nor is our house.  I want you in the photos, I want your kids to look back in years to come and remember the moment that photo was taken and tell their children a story behind it.


if I sound like the photographer for you, Let’s Chat and make some plans!

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