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The Day They Eloped

Back in August, I received a beautiful email from a Bride to be.  Her and her fiancé were planning an elopement.  At the time I did not photograph weddings, but she asked ever so nicely if I would photograph theirs.  We chatted on the phone, they came for a coffee and the rest is history!

Needless to say I loved every minute! Starting with getting to know Sandy, Jordan and Thomas in the lead up to their day.  Their wedding was small and intimate, just as they wanted, no fuss, just celebrating their love and boy do they have some love between them.  From the way they look at each other to the love and pride they have for their beautiful little boy.2018-12-10_00012018-12-10_00212018-12-10_00222018-12-10_00232018-12-10_00252018-12-10_00242018-12-10_00102018-12-10_00122018-12-10_00132018-12-10_00112018-12-10_00142018-12-10_00082018-12-10_00072018-12-10_00052018-12-10_00022018-12-10_00042018-12-10_00032018-12-10_00152018-12-10_00262018-12-10_00172018-12-10_00182018-12-10_00202018-12-10_00192018-12-10_0016

Today marks one month of married bliss for the Newlyweds so what better day to blog a little of their day.  I hope you enjoy this little peek into a very small part of their story.  I have to say it was hard to choose images, I love them all. I am so glad Sandy reached out to me and asked me to capture their day.  Incidentally I loved shooting this elopement so much, if you know of anyone planning to elope, or planning a small intimate wedding, I would love to hear from them.

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