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Sunday Mornings in Geelong West

How good are Sunday mornings? It’s my favourite day of the week, besides Friday and of course Saturday haha.  These days Hubby and I chill on the couch drinking copious amounts of coffee while listening to the latest Spotify weekend playlist.  When our kids were little Sunday mornings were always special breakfast day.  Whether it was pancakes chased down by a chocolate milkshake with way too much ice-cream, just so it was thick enough but not too thick or our pretend “Maccas big breakfast” complete with hash browns and OJ.  In winter this was a favourite with fresh OJ squeezed with oranges straight from our tree.  Great memories! After 19 winters in that house I am missing that tree this year.

One Sunday morning recently I only had the one coffee and headed to Geelong West to hang out with these guys.   I went to school with Brad’s Mum, yep that is showing my age a little……  We had whispers, told secrets jumped on beds and I may have even kicked a footy and marked an awesome kick from Josh!  I don’t think Josh believed me when I told him I had a pretty mean kick, I am pretty sure I impressed him a little, although he did say “Grandma can kick a footy too”.  I photographed these guys almost 3 years ago when Ellie was a babe in her Dad’s arms they have grown just a little!

It was tough choosing, but I have picked some of my favs from our session.  Feel free to leave this gorgeous family some love and let me know how you spend your Sunday mornings I’d love to hear x x




Rhonda is a newborn and family lifestyle photographer.  Capturing the connection of your family and working closely with you to tailor your session to tell your families story.

Rhonda’s lifestyle photography services are available through out Greater Geelong, including but not limited to Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf-coast.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Mornings in Geelong West”

  1. I love a relaxing Sunday morning and these images are stunning! I love how natural they look, as if you were just photographing them in their normal routine. So beautiful!

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